Reading part 1

We wanted to talk to you about how we teach reading at school. Normally, we would have a meeting so we will try and condense it all into some blogs and videos!

This is the simple view of reading . In order to read, we need to have good comprehension (understanding) and good word recognition.

We will be sending home materials to practise your child’s comprehension (understanding) and word recognition skills. They will learn strategies to help them recognise words.

To begin with, they might have Talk About Cards, textless books and sequencing cards. For these, we are looking for children to show they understand what is happening in pictures, as using pictures is a strategy for reading. They should be talking in full sentences, rather than just one word answers or pointing, and perhaps using some story language for telling stories e.g Once upon a time…One day….Suddenly….Then….So….But…

Have a look at this video: