A week of learning . . .


We have been learning about different subordinating conjunctions such as before, after and while. We tried to use these in our writing books.

Solving life’s Problems

We have been doubling 2 and 3 digit numbers and using the column method to subtract 3 digit numbers. We also learnt how to exchange between the place value columns.


Advent started on Sunday 29th November. We learnt about the meaning of advent for Christians and created advent paper chains. On each paper chain we wrote down three things we could do to show kindness leading up to Christmas. We also found out more about St Andrew’s Day and discovered why the Scottish flag has a diagonal cross. Later in the week, we made Christingles – see a separate blog post.


We read about Roman soldiers and the army – designed our own shields and practised actual Roman army formations in P.E.

3F also completed mosaics with Miss Martin and both classes tried to make an online version too.

Yesterday, we became historians and had to think critically to decide what a selections of Roman artifacts were and what they were used for. We even looked at some 2000-year-old artifacts found under our school playground when it was dug up a few years ago.

On Friday, we read about Roman foods – watched a Horrible Histories video and acted out a Roman restaurant using actual Roman menus.


We are investigating the digraphs ‘ow’ and ‘ou’. Here is a useful link to some words that use the digraphs and games you can play at home.


We also watched an online version of our yearly pantomime. This year it was Treasure Island and we really enjoyed it. Thank you to the PTFA for continuing this tradition.