This week’s learning in year three . . .

Solving life’s problems

We have been putting lots of effort into our learning about halving numbers. We investigated how to half odd and even numbers and practised halving numbers like 30, 50, 70 and 90. By the end of the week, some of us were able to halve numbers like 53 and 109 which proved to be quite a challenge.

You can practise halving at home using ‘Hit the Button’.


We discovered that we can use the subordinating conjunctions we have learnt to open a sentence as well. We practised using when, before, after, while and because.


We have been reading lots to find out more about Roman Britain. We learnt about the difference between Celtic and Roman beliefs, what is was like in a Roman house and some of the inventions that the Romans brought to Britain. We have also practised the skill of summarising what has happened in a story and making predictions for what might happen next using the clues in the text.


Thursday was the start of Hanukkah for followers of the Jewish religion. We learnt what happens during Hanukkah and played a game that Jewish children play called Dreidel.

We also read the Christmas story and thought about how some of the people in the story may have felt.


We have been focusing on the digraphs that make the ‘oh’ sound such as ‘oa’ ‘ow’ and the split digraph ‘o-e’.  This website gives out more details:

There are even games you can play to practise the spelling words!


The Romans used a different number system to the one we use in school. We learnt all about Roman numerals and completed a calculation mosaic. We also listened to a very catchy song. Click here to listen to it:

We also learnt about Roman gods and had a go at designing our own. We used our ideas to write complex sentences and perform a piece of drama.

On Friday, we continued our Roman soldier training in the hall, drew and coloured in Roman soldiers and made Roman chariots using Lego.