Daily Learning Tasks – Thursday 28th January

Hello year threes! We are really looking forward to our online chat this afternoon (3F) and tomorrow (3H). Mr Barnes has been delighted with all of the videos he has received for his obstacle course task. Good luck with the suggested tasks below. Remember to be resourceful and use the learning tools you have around you. All of the adults in year three love it when you use a ruler to draw a straight line. You also need to be reasoned and make careful choices when learning on your own. Remember that you don’t always have an adult sitting next to you at school so you don’t always need an adult helping you at home.

Summary of tasks

English: write up some silly sentences using different word classes. Practise using ‘wh’ words to write questions. Think about the questions we are going to talk about in our online class chat.

Solving Life’s Problems: investigate some shape problems.  Keep practising your number skills.

Topic: Re-visit how to say hello and count to 10 in French

Further details . . .


Warm up: use the words below to write some silly simple sentences.


Our new spelling is looking at words beginning with ‘w’ or ‘wh’.

The general rule is: if you can use the word to ask a question, it is spelt ‘wh’. There are then some exception words spelt with a ‘wh’ which can’t be used to ask a question.

The two most common mistakes for ‘w’ and ‘wh’ words is spelling went wrong (whent) and with wrong (whith). Let’s try to avoid these mistakes. You can’t ask a question using went or with!

Task: Have a go at writing some questions using the ‘wh’ question words below. Don’t forget to finish your question with a question mark.

Example: What time are we having lunch?

Finally, think about the questions we are going to be discussing in today or tomorrow’s online classroom chat.

  • What is your favourite food and why?
  • Which piece of home learning are you most proud of and why?
  • Which of the 6Rs do you think you have used most during your home learning? Why?

Solving Life’s Problems

Right Angle Challenge

Have a go at this investigation.

How can you place two sticks to make just one right angle?

Now can you make just two right angles using the two sticks?

Can you make three right angles?

How about four right angles?

How many right angles can you make using more than two sticks?

It might help just to move the sticks around over each other to get some ideas.  Have fun!

Let Us Reflect

You will need a mirror and a square for this activity.

Where can you put the mirror across the square so that you can still ‘see’ the whole square?  How many different positions are possible?

Can you reflect part of the square so that you can see a smaller square?

Can you see a rectangle, a hexagon and an octagon?

Try experimenting by placing the mirror across the middle of the square to start with and then move it gradually in one direction to see what happens.

Number skills

Remember to keep practising your doubling, halving, number bonds and times table skills.

Hit the button is a good game to use for this:



Today we are continuing our French learning. When you learn a new language, it is important to keep going over what you have learnt to try and help you to remember it. The more you use something the better you become at it.

First, let’s go back to how to say hello in French.

This video explains how to say hello, hi, good evening and good bye.

Now let’s revisit how to count to 10. Here is a video by Jingle Jeff.

Can you record your own video to say how to count to 10 or say hello? Maybe you could sing it like Jingle Jeff or use a puppet like Alexa.