Daily Learning Tasks – Tuesday 19th January

Hello year three. Well done to everyone who completed yesterday’s learning tasks. We hope that you enjoyed Miss Martin’s video too. Here are the activities we would like you to investigate today.

Summary of tasks

English: Learn about adverbs.  Write sentences containing adverbs.

Solving Life’s Problems: complete the video lesson recorded by Mr Faithfull

Topic : Have a go at the Science experiment about eggs. Find out more about eggs and recipes that use eggs.

Further details . . .


Acting out Adverbs

Today we are learning about adverbs.  Adverbs are words that tell us more about verbs.  They add information to the verb.  Remember a verb is a action word or a being word for example walk and feel.


Here are some examples of adverbs. Adverbs often end in ‘ly’ but not always.

  • quickly
  • slowly
  • bravely
  • carefully
  • loudly
  • quietly
  • gently
  • happily

Think of a verb to go with each adverb.  What is an action you can do quickly?  Act out the verb and the adverb together for example I am running quickly.

Can you think of some more adverbs of your own?  What verb can you think of to go with each one?

Writing Adverbs in Sentences

Using adverbs makes your sentences more interesting.  Any verb you use can have an adverb added.

Can you write a sentence containing an adverb to go with each of these pictures?

Example: Sarah gently pours the milk into her bowl.

Now try some sentences of your own about food which contain adverbs.

Solving Life’s Problems

Have a go at the video lesson recorded by Mr Faithfull. The video includes a re-cap of using the column method for adding whole numbers and new learning on how you can use the column method to add money where there is a decimal point. Listen to the lesson and answer the questions.

Be quick with the pausing – I was running out of time towards the end as there is a 15 minute limit.


Did you know that up to 36 million eggs are eaten in the U.K every DAY. Below is a science experiment for you to complete about separating the yolk from the egg white. Have a go!

Then, find out more about eggs. What recipes use eggs? Perhaps you could have a go at making scrambled egg for lunch. Could you make a menu of food types that use eggs? You could find out about the journey of an egg from farm to fork? Why don’t you make an egg carton mask like the photo below. The amount of ‘eggcellent’ egg tasks are endless.

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