Home learning 19.1.21

Practise spelling today. Here is a short demo. You can use magnetic letters, but you can use sounds written on paper (like the sound boxes) or your child could have a go at writing them.

Example words: hen, pen, fan, man, jet, jam, pet, pan, lip, leg, box, fox, zap

To extend, give them a short phrase to spell. Remember to keep the tricky words as whole words.

the hen

my pet

a big jet

look in the box

Or make up your own ones!

If your child is confident at spelling short words, encourage them to segment longer words and have a go at representing the sounds. For example, if they draw a picture of their house, you could ask them to label it ‘my house’. They can copy my, as this is a tricky word, and they could segment h-ou-se. They won’t know ou or that there is an e on the end, so they will probably write something like this: hws. That’s fine, as they are representing the sounds they know.

Elephant might look like elft

Dinsoaur might look like dns

Spiderman might look like sdman

Good things to write would be:

  • labels for pictures
  • lists
  • simple messages