Home learning 20.1.21

If you can, get outside and practise some ball skills

Bouncing and catching

  • bounce and catch the ball – how many times can you do it without dropping the ball?
  • bounce the ball as high as you can
  • bounce the ball to a partner to catch
  • bounce the ball against a wall and catch it

Throwing and catching

  • throw the ball up and catch it
  • throw the ball to a partner to catch
  • throw the ball into a net or outstretched hoop


Practise doubling in a practical way. Start with doubling up to 6+6 and build some memory by repeating. They might use their fingers to show doubles up to 5, as this is something we do at school.

If they bith have 2 sweets each, how many altogether? Double 2 is 4. 2+2=4
They might move them together to count or make the Numicon shape.
What is double 4? What is 4+4?