Home learning 1.2.21

Good morning everyone.

Let’s do some investigating today.


I keep having power cuts which is very annoying! Do you know what a power cut is? Have you had one before? What happened?

All the appliances went off in my house – I couldn’t use the kettle or switch the light on. What can you find in your house that uses electricity? Draw what you find. How do you know it uses electricity? Can you think of anything else that needs electricity to make it work? How would you feel if you couldn’t use your appliances? What wouldn’t you be able to do?

Electricity can come from a socket – we call this mains electricity.
Battery - Energy Education
Electricity can also come from a battery
bigstock-High-Power-Electricity-Poles-I-261805414 - Emerging Europe
Do you know what these are? See if you can find out – you could look in a book or use the computer, or ask someone knowledgeable!