Parental Questions Answered

Below are answers to some of the questions we have be asked since home learning began. I hope you find the answers useful. Mr Faithfull

Question: Do I have to complete everything on the blog each day?

No – we are posting suggested tasks on to the blog and we would like you to complete what you can. Home learning is tricky and it is not like being in school where a teacher can quickly offer face-to-face help so we understand it will not always be possible to complete everything. Also, we know that some days home learning may be tricky if adults in the house need to work.

Question: Should I always support my child?

No – some tasks can be completed independently and some may be better with adult support. It is the same at school – sometimes the children are guided by an adult and sometimes they are expected to learn independently. Remind your children of this and encourage them to think about what they have learnt at school to help them. The 6Rs will be vital here!

Question: Can I adapt the tasks to better suit our home situation?

Yes – please do! We appreciate that everyone’s situation is different so please complete the tasks in a manner that best suits your home situation and the interests of your child.

Question: Can I work a day behind on the blog tasks?

Yes – that is a great idea if it suits your home situation.

Do I need to email learning every day?

No – it is not necessary to email learning in every day. We would like to hear from the children on at least a weekly basis though.

Can I send emails to you in the evening?

Yes – if that suits your home situation. However, school staff will be answering emails during normal school hours so emails sent after 3.30pm will receive a response the next day.

Can we have a class online chat?

Maybe – at present the year three team will be in school with the children of critical workers for 4 of the 6 weeks during this half term. If we decide to change or adapt our home learning, we will let you know.