Thursday 21st January 2021 – Home Learning Ideas

Good morning year 4. Thank you for your support this week. Mr Collingwood has been in school and I’ve had SENDCo responsibilities to do too – you have been really understanding and positive! Miss Albone and I have loved receiving your creative learning ideas – your learning gives us a great boost too.

If anything is too tricky or too easy, you could try the same theme (but in a different year group) on the Oak Academy website. Some children love a bank of questions to work through but others struggle with that so do what is right for you. Rather than printing questions, you could use them as ideas but roll a dice to generate numbers instead.

Over the next two days, I have set ‘mini projects’ for maths and English. They will require initial screen time for the input but then I hope they will keep you busy away from the screen – I think we all need to rest our eyes!

Here are your learning ideas for today:

Lockdown idea: Design/make a Tengu mask.

English: writing a non-chronological report (two day mini project)

Solving life’s problems: area and perimeter (two day mini project) – design your own theme park

Topic: The Ring of Fire!

Here is some more information for you:

Lockdown idea: Tengu Mask

In Japan, people (who believe in the Shinto religion) wear Tengu masks to scare away ‘evil spirits’. Could you create your own?

English: writing a non chronological report

This week, we have learnt about apostrophes, brackets and commas in a list. Try to use these in your report. You can write a report on anything that you would like. I will base my example on volcanoes because we have learnt lots of information about them this week. You can magpie my ideas. Work at a pace that suits you and your family.

Learning videos:

Planning template:


Examples you could use to show the skills we have learnt this week:

Brackets – Mount Fuji (which is located on the island of Honshu) is an active volcano and is about one hundred kilometers from Tokyo.

Commas in a list – Volcanoes can be classified as active, dormant or extinct.

Apostrophes – Mount Fuji is Japan’s highest volcano.

Example reports:

We cannot wait to read them! It doesn’t matter when they come in – whatever works best for you.

Solving Life’s Problems – area and perimeter (applying)

Your task is to plan a ‘theme park’. It can be based on anything you choose. Or, perhaps you would like to plan something else like a school, a house or a zoo.

Create a table or key to explain the area and perimeter of the ‘enclosures’ or rides.

Make it bright and colourful. Some of you may use Lego, a computer, lolly pop sticks or a pencil and ruler – whatever works for you.

Here are some examples:

Topic: The Ring of Fire

TASK: to create a piece of learning (in any way that you would like) to explain The Ring of Fire!

Have a great day!