Wednesday 20th January 2021 – Home Learning Ideas

Good morning year 4. Thank you for sending in your great learning! Well done for all of your efforts – keep going everyone! When there are a number of challenges to choose from, you can choose the one that best suits your understanding.

Here are your learning ideas for today:

Lockdown idea: shadow scene

Solving life’s problems: area

English: using commas in a list

Topic: what are the different types of volcanos?

Here is some more information for you:

Lockdown idea: shadow scene

Could you create your own?

English: using commas in a list

Learning videos:

TASK: Could you create your own ‘comma quiz’ (with answers) about a topic of your choice?

Maths: Area

Learning video:,because%205%20%C3%97%205%20%3D%2025.


This one is tricky and is not for everyone. Please do not panic if you are unsure. For this challenge, you will need to recap 2 x 2 digit multiplication. Are you going to use grid method or column method?

Here are the answers:

Extension task: You will need to investigate, use your reasoning skills and try lots of options for this one. This will take a while. You will also have to think about perimeter too –

Here is the solution:

Practical task: can you measure rectangular items around your home and work out the area? Here are some ideas: the front cover of your reading book, a rug, the carpet space in your bedroom or the top of a coffee table. You could present the information using a table. Here is an example:

*reading book should read 70inches2
Topic – different types of volcanoes

Volcanoes can be classified as: active, dormant and extinct.,to%20erupt%20in%20the%20future.

This video is relevant from 8.02 mins – 10.00 mins:

Could you research some volcanoes that are either active, dormant or extinct? Where are they? What does that mean for the people living close by?

Could you create a piece of learning to show the three different types? You could make a poster, a model or a video. I’m sure you will have some other ideas!

I will record another spelling lesson soon (by the end of the week).

Wishing you all a wonderful day!