Daily Learning Tasks – Monday 22nd February

Good morning year threes. I hope that you had a wonderful half term holiday and that you managed to find things to do that made you happy. Below are some suggested home learning tasks for the first day of this half term. Don’t forget to use the 6Rs and complete some of the tasks on your own. We will be arranging a class online catch up later in the week and recording some video lessons too.

Summary of tasks

  • English: write a letter to a friend.
  • Solving Life’s Problems: complete the set My Maths tasks.
  • Topic: Plan this half term’s topic – complete Mr Barnes’ P.E. session

Further details…


Before half term, you were investigating how to stay in touch with your friends and the importance of completing activities that you enjoy.

Task: write a letter to a friend from school to tell them about your half term. Tell them all about the things that you enjoyed doing and the things that made you happy. Ask them what they did.

Remember to include your address in the letter if you want to send it and expect a letter back.

Solving Life’s Problems

Today’s solving life’s problems task is a collection of revision activities that have been set on My Maths. These activities use skills that you learnt in the Autumn term before Christmas. As with all learning, if you do not practise skills you have learnt in the past, you may forget how to use them.

  • 4 times table practise – the same as double and then double again.
  • number sequences – find the difference between the numbers and count on. Be careful when the numbers cross into the next ten or hundred. Use a number line or one hundred square if you would normally in school.
  • HTO place value – making sure that you can partition a number into the place value chart.
  • ordering numbers – think back to our egg ordering game


This half term our topic is The Stone Age period. This period of time comes before the history topic we looked at on the Celts and Romans.

Have a think about what you would like to learn and what tasks you would like to complete. Send in your thoughts by email so we can include your ideas. Here are some pictures to whet your appetite . . .

Mr Barnes has also set you a P.E. task to complete.

This week’s challenge is a mini fitness circuit. Best done outdoors (weather permitting) where you have more space. It is possible inside but try to clear an area and don’t climb over furniture!

Set out a square with bases in each corner. Each base would be for a different exercise. For instance base 1 could be for running on the spot, base 2 for press-ups, base 3 for star jumps and base 4 for keepy-uppies ( you can use a football or bounce a tennis ball on a racket).

Make the exercises whatever you want to do (safely). If space is limited just use two bases opposite each other. Also if you are indoors I wouldn’t advise using a football ! 

Start from base 1 and when you have completed that exercise sprint to base 2 for the next one. Carry on until you have been to every base. You can go around as many times as you want and change the exercises as often as you wish. You may also want to try hopping or skipping between bases. Try setting yourself a target for each exercise e.g 10 star jumps, 10 press-ups etc.
If and when you become out of breath, stop for a short break then go again if you feel you can.

Like our other challenges above all HAVE FUN !!!