Home learning 23.2.21

Good morning. Have a go at these activities.

Missing numbers

Draw a number line. We need to know numbers 0-20, but you could do 0-10 if your child finds numbers tricky or if your child is very confident with recognising numbers, beyond 20. Cover up a number and ask your child to work out what it is. Encourage them to explain e.g “It comes after 16 so it must 17” and “It comes before 20 so it must be 19”. They might count along the number line to work it out and you could also encourage them to count backwards to check, too.

Favourite Character

Get your child to choose their favourite book. Discuss the main characters and events. Then ask them to think of some words to describe the character. They can write a short list of words or a simple sentence – think about what your child can do. Encourage them to use their sounds and tricky words. Please don’t just write out words for them to copy. They might needs help with the odd sound if they haven’t been taught, which is fine.

Image result for zog

Using Zog as an example, they might write:


hepfl (helpful)

orinj (orange)

If they have got the hang of wriing words, they could write a short phrase or sentence e.g

Zog is big and orinj

he is hepfl