Home learning 3.2.21

Good morning. Have a go at these activities. I love yoga so I hope you enjoy it too!

Addition and subtraction game

You can play this with anything – Lego, counters, stones etc.

Write +1, +2, +3 and -1, -2 on bits of paper. Screw them up and put them in a pot or box. Make sure your child knows what + and – means, using a range of vocabulary e.g plus, add, more, takeaway, subtract

Each player to start with 5 objects. Take it in turns to pick out a piece of paper and see if you have to add or takeaway. Have 3 turns each and see who has the most at the end. You can adapt the amount you start with the amount of turns you can have.

Start with 5 each
Player 1 : add 3 more. So they might count all of them or they might count on, knowing they already have 5 so 1 more is 6, 2 more is 7 and 3 more is 8.
Player 2: subtract 1. I know if I have 5 and take one away that there is 4 left.


There are lots of Cosmic yoga videos – this one is a dinosaur themed one.