Welcome to the Summer term!

We hope that you enjoyed a restful Easter period and are looking forward to the warmer weather (hopefully!) of Summer.

Year 5 have been starting their learning journey in relation to ANCIENT EGYPTIANS this week and have already impressed us with what they know. It certainly seems to be a topic that they are interested in: a fascination with pyramids, mummies and the afterlife often seems to have that effect!

As well as connecting our learning in English with the topic, we will also be endeavouring to use arts and crafts to bring the subject alive. With that in mind, we would be grateful if you could help us with a few items that may be of use in the coming days: both classes would benefit from small and medium sized plastic bottles whilst 5H would also like help collecting yoghurt pots and newspaper. We will sanitise any donated, recycled materials before use.

In Science, we have been looking more at properties of materials and, in particular, thermal conductors and insulators. Next week, we will use what we know to carry out investigations into the best materials to insulate food in lunch boxes from the warm air.

In Maths, we have been revising and extending our learning about angles – acute, right, obtuse and reflex – and in PE we have been warming up for the Key Stage 2 athletics by developing our techniques for jumping, throwing and running. MyMaths homework relating to angles is now available.

Next week, we also have a visit from ‘Safer Essex’ for pedestrian road safety: 5P and 5H will have their sessions on the mornings of Tuesday and Friday respectively.

Best wishes for a warm and relaxing weekend