5P pupils write the blog!

Hello, everyone. After a break from blogging that has probably been a little too long, I thought it would be a good idea for the children to practise writing for a real audience – so the next few blogs will be from them!


In athletics, we practised running, jumping and throwing. When we did running, we all participated in 2 races: a short distance (80m) and a long distance (3 laps of the track on the back field). In throwing, we got a tennis ball and threw it as far as we could. We practised our positions when throwing to make the ball go straighter and further. In jumping, we had to count our strides so that we could gather speed so we would jump further.


In PE, we have been doing throwing, jumping and catching in athletics. Six people from 5P and 5H got into the throwing, catching and running on finals day. The rest of the class got to watch the races.