History in 5P

In history, we have learning about the ANCIENT EGYPTIANS. Mr Knight was kind enough to let us borrow a skeleton (don’t ask where it came from!). We then wrapped up the skeleton to simulate the mummification process. We also learnt that the Egyptians built the pyramids to make a “stairway to heaven” style.


What we have been doing in history?

This term in history we have learning amazing facts about ancient Egypt!

Some of our class members enjoyed learning about Tutankhamun, mummification, the valley of the kings and the tombs. Some of us took the creative turn  and made a cat or a human sarcophagus; one of our classmates [Rowan] even mummified  a carrot:  we had to leave it for 2 -3 weeks, it turned quite old  and musty.  She used salt, bicarbonate soda and cooking oil, to make this happen, it looked really gross.

We all had a lot of fun while doing these experiments and arts and crafts. We hope to do this again. We watched a ton of interesting videos and we learnt a lot from this topic. Another thing was turning our class room into museum. We have all added to something to  help our class museum. Overall, this was an amazing topic we loved!

Kelsie and Emalia    


During history we learnt about Ancient Egyptians (AE for short). A part of the AE’s history we learnt about, and a crucial part at that, was mummification. Mummification is a religious practice thought to have allowed people to travel to the afterlife in the same condition they died in, but  there was a downside to this, it was incredibly expensive and usually  reserved for the rich, mainly pharaohs and high priests. This process took a long time to do as well, roughly 40 days.

We also learnt about the creation of tombs and their history. The AEs originally buried bodies in the desert sand the sand would naturally mummify the bodies but wild animals would eat them so they adopted highly elaborate tombs. The walls in the main chamber were covered in ‘’The Book Of The Dead’’ which was a large instruction book talking about how to go to the afterlife. The tombs were filled with riches like pots, mummified cats and statues and the owners of the tombs favourite possessions. But most tombs have been robbed of their riches and rarely many tombs are found untouched.