Last week’s learning . . .

We enjoyed last week’s learning. Here is a summary with some of the highlights and photos.

On Monday, we continued our rugby skills in P.E.

Our spelling at the moment is all about using contractions with apostrophes. We used Lego to make this more interesting and hands on.

In Science, we are finding out more about solids and liquids and how certain items can change state. We also investigated how we can classify leaves that have fallen from trees.

We have continued our learning on measurement and practised accurately estimating and using a metre stick to measure broomsticks in centimetres or use a trundle wheel to measure in metres.

Mr Fox taught us an exciting lesson about measurement, mixtures and potions.

Here are photos of us dressed in our Kings and Queens costumes for charity day.

We also learnt how to perform some cosmic yoga that linked to the story of Harry Potter.